Energystics, LTD
Advanced Energy Research &
Technical Center, Room 109
Stony Brook University R &D Park
1000 Innovation Rd
Stony Brook NY 11794
( Member of CEBIP )

About Us

Energystics, LTD is a start-up company whose technology involves the harvesting of vibrational energy from the environment. Our Vibristor® linear electric generator power harvesting device can be considered a technology platform that can be applied to numerous applications.

In particular, the company’s area of emphasis is the research and development of devices for conversion of vibrational ocean wave energy into electrical power using a proprietary linear electric generator. Its structure consists of a novel magnetic field configuration that results in compressed repulsive magnetic fields producing more intense and focused magnetic fields through the generator’s coil armatures thereby improving the efficiency of energy conversion and doing away with heavy focusing ferromagnetic structures. In addition, focusing magnets ensures that the entirety of the magnetic fields produced in this generator is deflected back onto the coil armature windings so that magnetic flux leakage into space is essentially zero. Finally, using magnetic levitation and electromagnetic braking, all interactions between the vertically oscillating rotor and the stationary stator of the generator are completely elastic thereby reducing the amount of harvested energy lost as heat and greatly improving the devices lifetime of use. Using this novel and unique patented magnet technology, a new type of vertical linear electric generator was designed to form the heart of a wave energy converter to convert the vibratory kinetic energy of waves into electric power.

While primarily designed for water wave applications, it can be used to harvest any source of vibratory energy within or generated by the environment. This vibratory linear electric generator uses low cost components and is suitable for eventually being a generic component in power systems capable of being mass manufactured. The technology is capable of being scaled in size from tiny circuit component devices that can power low power sensors and their associated electronic circuitry to slightly larger devices that will generate power just from the activity of a person walking that could charge up small mobile appliances, power GPS locators for animal migration studies, or use the intense vibrations of an off road mountain bike to power on board electronics to mid-scale devices such as ocean wave powered navigational buoys, instrument buoys, emergency boat power supplies, and boat battery chargers. Finally large scale devices can be used to produce grid-scale amounts of electric power.

Wave energy converting devices can be used singly, in wave farms of several large devices, or in dense carpets of small wave energy converters that can extract the vibratory energy of waves from a large and arbitrary shaped area of the ocean with theoretically no limit to amount of energy extracted other than the size of the ocean area where energy is being harvested and the height of the ocean waves in that area. Land vibratory energy sources such as wind, motor vehicle, building, and rail vibrations etc. are also possible. The technology has no known negative environmental impact and is designed to survive the harshest environments such as the ocean. The technology has the potential to decrease carbon emissions, lower energy production costs, reduce hydrocarbon imports, and the device is suitable for mass production resulting in job creation - all of these features indicating that the technology could be transformative and disruptive in the future as a source of clean alternative energy.

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