Energystics, LTD
Advanced Energy Research &
Technical Center, Room 109
Stony Brook University R &D Park
1000 Innovation Rd
Stony Brook NY 11794
( Member of CEBIP )

Products & Services

  • Research and consulting in ocean wave power generation.
  • Wave energy converters.
  • Personal energy harvesters for consumer electronics.
  • Mountain bike energy charging systems.
  • Military applications such as battlefield soldier energy harvesting packs, wave powered ocean mines, and military vehicle battery chargers for transportable electronics.
  • Ocean powered GPS locators.
  • Ocean powered navigational buoys and instrument buoys.
  • Vibration powered sensors.
  • Reverse operating linear electric generator acoustical generators including loudspeakers and crowd control devices.
  • Reverse operating linear electric generator linear motors and actuators.
  • Because the Vibristor® technology is a platform technology with many applications, licensing of the technology and joint application development ventures are anticipated.
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